The Model WTO Bologna is a 5 days simulation of WTO negotiations, organized together with the University of Bologna – Forlì campus and taking place at the Municipality of Forlì and at the University of Bologna.
The event is organized by students of the Alma Mater whose will is to objectively analyse in-depth the negotiation framework of the World Trade Organization. High-profile students will be selected to participate in the event. Students will gain experience of diplomatic negotiations and will learn how the WTO faces today’s global challenges, enriching their own knowledge through productive discussions. Therefore, future decision makers are invited to debate on thelatest issues and trends related to international trade.
This is a unique opportunity to take part to the first model of such in Italy that will have an analytical perspective of the organization.

Topic 2019 – Trade and Investment

We are thrilled to announce the topic of the first Model WTO Bologna!
The 2019 topic is going to be trade and investment! Because of the importance of the growing correlation between trade and investment as a result of globalization, the WTO has to discuss these two points together. In addition, as of the global challanges that the economy is facing today and that are threatening the established trade networks, the WTO must be an arena of dialogue to overcome trade disputes. The 2019 edition of the Model is built on the assumption that the topic offers the possibility to frame the discussion in the context of a time of crisis for the international organization and, therefore, might be a driving force for reforms. Hence, delegates are invited to open a constructive discussion that will generate productive outcomes and will stimulate critical thinking. In the Model WTO Bologna 2019 edition,participants will be tasked with discussing and negotiating differentaspects of trade and investment with thefinal goal of creating a Multilateral Investment Facilitation Agreement.