Vision and Mission

The Model WTO Bologna was born under the initiative of three students of the University of Bologna willing to give a different perspective than that of other international organization’s model events. An event for students organized by students; this is the spirit of initiative that drives our work in coordinating this event. Our goal is to look deeper into the mechanisms of the World Trade Organization, emphasizing its lights and shadows as to help students to obtain the appropriate tools for a critical analysis of it; this approach will stimulate suggestions and ideas to improve the activities of the WTO.

Students will gain experience of diplomatic negotiations and will learn how the WTO faces today’s global challenges, enriching their own knowledge through productive discussions. Therefore, future decision makers are invited to debate on thelatest issues and trends related to international trade.

The event is organised by 3 students of the University of Bologna who are supported by the Model WTO Organization in Switzerland and by an advisory board consisting of renowned professors of the University of Bologna to ensure the quality ofthe event.