Gabriel Villafuerte
Business Administration (Marketing)
John Abbott College, Canada

The model WTO gave me the opportunity really to put into practice key skills for debate and coordination with other people in complicated issues and to figure out how countries would really represent their own interests. Personally, the Model WTO Bologna really allowed me to connect with people of my age that share the interests in this topics and this is a better, formal and diplomatic way to use your own skills and develop them as well as understanding how well you’ve been learning about these topics. It was a great idea to participate in the Model especially with the skilled students that took part in it; many interesting ideas were shared, some of which I have not considered before. Thanks to this Model I have now a much wider knowledge of the topic and I think there should be more opportunities for students of International Relations to participate in this kind of events.

Maurizio Troiano
Master course in International Politics and Diplomatic affairs
University of Bologna, Forlì (Italy)

Model WTO Bologna was absolutely an incredible experience. I think that I’ve learnt a lot not only because of the preparatory work about WTO issues and structure, but also because of the people. Model WTO Bologna combines economic issue and knowledge with bargaining and diplomatic skills. It is a truly immersive experience on technical aspects but also on humans relations. I consider merging such different political positions in one paper and one will, such as representing a different country with different issue and needs, the most challenging work that you can experience during the negotiations. Furthermore Model WTO Bologna means not only work and negotiations, but also meet new people and new friends.  Model WTO Bologna gave me the right approaches to address the Model WTO in St. Gallen and to win the best delegate award. Don’t lose this opportunity: prove yourselves and enjoy the experience!

Eugenia Modoni
Master Course in Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations
University of Catania, Catania (Italy)

It was the first time that I applied for a Model and I have to say that it has been a great experience, which has enforced my knowledge about trade and WTO regulations. For me it has been a fruitful experience and I will bring it with me in the future. I strongly suggest to participate and to apply for the Model WTO Bologna because it enriches your knowledge and helps you to develop your negotiation skills as well as your communication ones. In addition, it gives you the possibility to come across other people’s perspectives and views about the same topics and to discuss and negotiate about very hot subjects of our world.

Guglielmo Migliori
Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES)
University of Bologna, Forlì (Italy)
I would suggest the Model WTO Bologna to everyone because it gives to delegates and to whoever participates the possibility to grow. It provides with the necessary instruments for future trade diplomats or for other professions or different studies and allows students to overcome the nearly theoretical approach of economics in trade and investments. It gives you the chance to understand what is behind the subjects you study and what is behind a certain decision and certain measures taken. I really liked this experience; it was very challenging at first, but also because the procedure is quite elaborate but once one gets used to it, everything comes much easier and the debate grows in quality and also in quantity. Getting to know people and delegates with different backgrounds helps you in expressing clear visions and in doing a more professional job.

Giada Arundine
Master’s Degree Programme in Economics and Finance
Ca’ Foscari University, Venice (Italy)

I really enjoyed the Model WTO Bologna. I learned a lot about the structure of the WTO and about how negotiations and the decisions of agreements take place. I am interested in trade and business among countries thus, since I would have liked to improve my knowledge about how states face each other, this experience has been a great opportunity for me. I would suggest to everyone who is curious or interested in these topics to put in practice their knowledge and express their ideas and positions in a model like this one.

Tamta Tcharbadze
Master’s Degree in International Politics and Markets
University of Bologna, Forlì (Italy)

I think that the organizers did a really great job in organizing the event which is very high level and they just created the atmosphere where we had to put maximum efforts and contributions in it. I am not used to public speaking so if it were not for this event I would have not improved my skills, especially those of negotiating. I have learned to be more diplomatic also when I need to express my mind.
I would suggest to all my classmates to participate to the Model WTO Bologna because I am sure that this kind of events will help me in every job that I will do in the future. It gave me skills that I will bring with me for all of my life and I finally found a way to apply my academic knowledge. I really enjoyed the conferences, which I have followed with interest and attention. This model gave me the strength to higher my self-esteem and it made me sure that what I really want to do in the future is something related with international institutions. I am more than happy that I participated in it! I would apply again and again!

Jörgen Saß
Master’s Degree in Governance & Public Policy
University of Passau, Germany

I think the Model WTO is a great experience also to meet many people from different countries and have a practical approach, compared to my studies at university there’s nothing like this, so it’s a great opportunity. I recommend it to everybody who likes practical stuff or gaining experience in the area because it is indeed a realistic experience; also, Bologna is a great city to be! Even though you might think that it is very difficult, they prepare you very well and advising you so if you’re interested just apply!

Antonio Leonetti
Master course in International Politics and Diplomatic affairs
University of Bologna, Forlì (Italy)

The Model WTO Bologna has been an excellent experience because it has contributed to enhance my knowledge about the WTO organization and my bargaining capacities. In addition, it was excellent opportunity to meet other people and students that are studying the same subject of mine. For this reason, I suggest to take part into this incredible experience because it will deepen your knowledge about an important organization such as the WTO, and it will be an interesting opportunity to meet other students in order to exchange ideas and build relationships.

Giulia Bertani
Master’s Degree in International Politics and Markets
University of Bologna, Forlì (Italy)

I loved participating to the model because this was really challenging! I think that this may help people to improve their negotiating skills that will be useful in future careers in international organizations and I would suggests to my university colleagues to participates to the Model WTO Bologna because it is a good way to improve not just your bargaining skills but also your linguistic ones. Furthermore, it is a good way to get closer to the diplomatic environment because it has a highly realistic atmosphere.

Enrico Corso
Master’s Degree in International Politics and Markets
University of Bologna, Forlì (Italy)

I think that the Model WTO Bologna is a great experience and project in which you really have to improve your skills and language as well as soft skills because you have to negotiate and deal with other people who have completely different ideas. It is an event that allows you to be prepared for your professional career. It is a great experience and I would recommend it to other students if they strongly want to improve from this point of view and if they are interested in economics and politics. I think this model was also useful to understand what I am good at; I may lack creativity but when it comes to find a compromise I am good at it. If possible, I would like to do more models as this one.