Executive Board

Rosalia Mazza – President

Second cycle degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs – International Politics and Markets
Study grant for the Faculty of Political Sciences at the UNAM, Mexico
Ambassador of the Model WTO International
Delegate at the EU Model, Turin
Delegate at the Model WTO, St Gallen – Geneva
Awarded with a grant from Associazione Diplomatici to participate as a delegate at WiP Japan, Tokyo
Delegate at the NATO Model Event, Forlì

I am Rosalia Mazza, master student of International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs and President of the first edition of the Model WTO Bologna. Our team decided to develop this amazing simulation because we wanted to create a unique event that would put together students with different backgrounds and experiences to enjoy a professional and international environment. We hope that this kind of simulations will spread further around the world, in order to provide more conceptual and critical thinking about the most actual international events.

Raffaele Mastrorocco – Vice-president | MIREES referent

Second cycle degree in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES)
I am Raffaele Mastrorocco, currently a master student at the second year of MIREES at the University of Bologna. I believe that international organizations are relevant in developing economic and political networks that are benecial to all countries; for this reason I decided to take part in the organization of the first Model WTO in Italy, with the aim of strengthening this idea. However, our simulation intends to provide participants with the right analytical tools in order to understand all the lights and shadows of these kind of organizations and to encourage dialogue on how to solve their flaws. We are indeed excited to organize the Model WTO Bologna, as we recognize the importance for students to come in contact with different points of view and with people coming from different backgrounds.

Ali Zuppello – Secretary

Second cycle degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs – International Politics and Markets.
My name is Ali Zuppello I am studying at the University of Bologna as master student in international relations and diplomatic affairs. The aim of the simulations is to offer to partecipate in an environment as close as possible to “real life” negotiations, in order to have a first-hand experience of what it is about, what are the procedures and which kind of challenges diplomats have to deal with while negotiating ( which core interests your Country has? Can you compromise on something?)
Partecipants will be able to -deal- with current world issues in order to -produce-feasible solutions. I think that this simulation of the WTO will be a great opportunity to have direct experience of how real negotiations are “done/made” and also that It will allow participants to challenge -themselves.

Victor Hugo Tobias Do Nascimento Ciriaco – Treasurer

Second cycle degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs – International Politics and Markets.
My name is Victor Hugo Ciriaco, currently a student of second year of International and Diplomatic Affairs- International Politics and Markets course at University of Bologna. I firmly believe that the projected simulations serve as guidelines for a full comprehension of the current economic and geopolitical landscapes and from such, it is possible to understand which arguments should be inserted in the sphere of discussion, always considering the effectiveness and the degree of interaction between several extremely relevant actors in the international community. Through such simulations, delegates have the opportunity to understand accurately the depth of the points dealt with and also the correct methodology in which such arguments are seen.