Adjunct Professor Carolyn Ann Kadas, University of Bologna.
She teaches at the School of Political Science’s Master’s program in Research and Studies on Eastern Europe (MIREES). She has focused her career on transition economies in Central and Eastern Europe and has worked for the Economist Intellectual Unit for several years and wrote articles on economics and business in Hungary for EIU publications, conducted custom market research and carried out presentations and conferences on East European countries for multinational clients.
She has recently focused her researches on emerging markets in the MENA region and Middle East.
TOPIC: Expansion of Chinese investment/trade initiatives in MENA region and Middle East in the framework of the One Belt One Road: implications for the EU, US and the developed world

Professor Riccardo Rovelli, University of Bologna.
He teaches Economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Bologna. His area of interest is Economics and Political economy of the EU and the post-socialist transition, Determinants of macroeconomic divergence in the EU and Monetary and Fiscal Policy rules and institutions.
TOPIC: Trade consequences of Brexit, focusing on WTO rules in case of hard Brexit.