Head Delegates

The head delegates are a group of participants that will reunite together during the simulation in order to clarify their negotiation positions. Each one of them is going to represent one of the countries present in the model. Every head delegate is going to be chosen by the organisational team among all the delegates at the end of the first day of negotiations.


Every country will be represented by 5 delegates. Each of them will take part in one specific committee and will negotiate in the interest of their respective country. Every delegate is equally important and it is fundamental that delegates interact with each other in order to have a productive discussion. Delegates will have full responsibility of their countries position in the committee they are present in and their goal is to negotiate in the interest of their countries and when proper, to further negotiate in the interest of the general public.

Delegates from Mass Media and Politics and from Interpreting and Translating

Students from the courses of Mass Media and Politics and from Interpreting and Translating are invited to join the Model WTO Bologna; The students selected will be fundamental for the success of the negotiations and will contribute to the Model with their expertise. 

 The model WTO has three arenas which can be used to achieve negotiation goals:

1 – The negotiation rounds involving all countries,

2 –  Country meetings in which delegates from each country meet regularly to discuss the development in the specific committees,

3 – Individual delegations which meet unofficially with other countries to form coalitions to better pursue their goals.