Model WTO Italy Association

Our organization was born by the will of three students of the Political Science faculty at the University of Bologna РForlì Campus to concur to their university prestige by bringing for the first time on the Italian scene the Model WTO. An event for students organized by students; this is the spirit of initiative that drives our work in coordinating this event. Our goal is to look deeper into the mechanisms of the World Trade Organization, emphasizing its lights and shadows as to help students to obtain the tools for a critical analysis of it; this approach will stimulate suggestions and ideas to improve the activities of the WTO.

Our efforts are devoted to creating a comfortable and highly professional framework for students. We want to host them and to offer them all they need; we want to provide them with meetings with experts in different fields and to make them reflect on aspects that go from their specific functions within the Model to aspects that regard fair trade and the possible future of our societies and nations; we would also like to encourage thinking on the importance of international careers, leadership, on the real perception that people have about international leaders and the real changes that can be implemented by people who cover international roles.

Although we are working hard to differentiate our possible participants in order to have as many different points of view as possible, our work is based on the idea that students of Italian universities need more possibilities to get professional experiences and more occasions to meet students from foreign universities. For this reason, the Model WTO Bologna intends to involve all possible kind of students and to assure a high professional experience. 

The Executive Board of Model WTO Italy Association.


Our logo recalls Bologna, with its famous Two Towers and colours, and at the same time it refers to both the World Trade Organization, with its distinctive stripes, and Italy, with its colours.