Model WTO Bologna

the first edition of the Model WTO Bologna will take place between Forlì and Bologna from the 11 March,2019 to 15 March, 2019.

The Model WTO Bologna will give you an incredible possibility to gain deeper knowledge about the international organization by encouraging a critical approach to the negotiations.

What do you need to know about the event?

The Model WTO Bologna is a unique opportunity for students from all around the world to gain a critical overview of the WTO ministerial negotiations. The aim of this event is to state objectively the functioning of one of the biggest international organizations in the world. This occasion is a rare opportunity for students to give their opinions on the organization and propose their suggestions on how to solve the issues in the framework of WTO negotiations. Italy has never held a simulation as such so far despite being one of the biggest economies in the world, therefore students are invited to Forlì to debate and exchange creative ideas in a stimulating environment as the one of the Model WTO Bologna.

An exceptional opportunity for students!

The Model WTO Bologna is a great chance to experience the WTO negotiations in a framework that allows critical thinking of the organization’s activities. The variety of students coming from different backgrounds and countries encourages the exchange of ideas and opinions that will provide participants with a stimulating environment.